29: Trap Doors & Secret Passage Ways

This week, Mark, Patton and I talk about more weird. We all share stories and history about- you guessed it- trap doors and secret passage ways. We layer on a few impromptu songs and a lot of fun. Send your ideas for show topics to Thanks for listening!


28: Folklore

Just me this week with some horror stories. I found a collection of interesting articles about weird phenomena, urban legends and conspiracy theories. I explore the folklore side of Folk U. Thanks for listening. Send me ideas about what you’d like to hear on the show to Rate and review us on iTunes.

Folk U 27: Eek A Mouse

Hey Mon! Long time no show posting. Been taking a break to recharge the juices. This episode was recorded about a month ago. Mark was a no call no show so Patton and I solve the world’s problems on our own without Mark’s supervision.

26: She Was Born In Decatur

Comedy, music and books oh my. A shift has occurred: Episode 1 started a comedy-themed series until I unknowingly started taking myself too seriously. The ALBUMSODE, while a fun project, took the seriousness to the extreme and now it’s time to chill the folk out. So recline your seat, identify where there is tension in your body, focus on it, tell it, “I am pleased you are here, but I’ll be okay.” Then feel the relaxation wash over you as your parasympathetic nervous system kicks back in as we settle into Winsday night. Friend of the Devil cover song by the Grateful Dead at the end. Cheers!

25 Helix First Ascent

I did it. I took a huge leap of faith hoping it would pan out. I traded in all of my guitar FX pedals to purchase the pedal board to end all purchases: The Line 6 Helix. I run all instruments directly into this thing and can add FX to everything — electric, acoustic, bass, OP-1 synthesizer and mic — not just my electric guitar like the days of yore. So far I am blown away by this thing and I have started to lose the desire to purchase a new guitar FX pedal every week. The issue now is finding the best levels and balancing not using too many FX – It’s getting weird in here! All FX you hear (delay, reverb, distortion, modulation, pitch manipulation, wahwah, boost, etc.) are coming from the Helix. Patton joins me for the first hour of the show then has to split. Mark joins me for the second hour and toward the end of the episode, Mark requests I play the Pink Floyd song of my choice and I obliged with my rendition of Breathe (in the Air) from their 1973 album The Dark Side of the Moon. Thanks for listening, Folkers!


Subjected to heavy editing cuts to minimize the pre-song loops, I set forth on a quest to make up and record as many songs as possible in one sitting. The goal was to record music good enough to cut up the tracks and post songs on iTunes. While the notion was noble, the execution was nothing more than a practice or exercise for many songs with a few that hit the nail on the head. The first attempted ALBUMSODE is the first of its kind in the world of podcasting and music (this claim is not supported by any research whatsoever). Sit back and enjoy the tunes. We will resume with our regularly scheduled programming next week. Cheers!

23: I’m Seeing Da Bulls

We discuss the ALBUMSODE which will be recorded in its entirety next Winsday. The first of its kind (as far as we know) where an entire album is recorded in one take, one sitting, all improv and all in one podcast- of course subject to editing in the aftermath. Mark and Patton try to give the listeners a glimpse of what is going on between my ears while I’m making music, but we all soon discover what we always assumed… there is nothing. The podcast will be recorded and heard in the style of our previous episodes. After the post-editing phase, the actual songs (not podcast style but album style) will be available on iTunes so get psyched! If you stay tuned toward the very end- after the outro music- your ears will suffer special treats. Thank you everyone for listening as I continue to explore the possibilities of sound.

Deuce Deuce: Firm Leather

Here we are again. This week we talk a bunch and play some music like we always do. I forget exactly what happens in this episode, but have a listen and let me know what you find. I know there is a cover of The Weight by The Band toward the end. Cheers!

21. No Way Day Do

Mark and I hang out for a bit and party hard on a Wednesday night. Song request by Dan Whiskey as he tells us how he really feels about winter. I try to keep it simple and we end it all with a cover of Folsom Prison Blues played on a cigar box guitar you can see on our IG. “Here’s to feeling good all the time.” ~Cosmo Kramer. Cheers!

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