I did it. I took a huge leap of faith hoping it would pan out. I traded in all of my guitar FX pedals to purchase the pedal board to end all purchases: The Line 6 Helix. I run all instruments directly into this thing and can add FX to everything — electric, acoustic, bass, OP-1 synthesizer and mic — not just my electric guitar like the days of yore. So far I am blown away by this thing and I have started to lose the desire to purchase a new guitar FX pedal every week. The issue now is finding the best levels and balancing not using too many FX – It’s getting weird in here! All FX you hear (delay, reverb, distortion, modulation, pitch manipulation, wahwah, boost, etc.) are coming from the Helix. Patton joins me for the first hour of the show then has to split. Mark joins me for the second hour and toward the end of the episode, Mark requests I play the Pink Floyd song of my choice and I obliged with my rendition of Breathe (in the Air) from their 1973 album The Dark Side of the Moon. Thanks for listening, Folkers!