To submit a song request, include 3 – 5 points of interest to sing about and/or include a question you’d like to have answered. Be sure to include the names of people you want included in the song and their roles. Then submit your request and roll the dice! You can send us request videos (via Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram) that will be played on the air or contact us from the form below.

Themes to get the juices flowing:

A love song for your crush. Want to score a date? Give us the details.

Going through a nasty divorce? Tell us how you really feel.

21st birthday, bachelor(ette) party coming up and you need a theme song for the excursion?

Need some real advice? We do more than laugh. I have a softer side and I am well versed in finding resources for those in need.

Last day out before serving your sentence? Let’s party.