20 Questions

This week we demonstrate what it is to cut loose on the air without a care. Let the good times roll. Thanks for listening.


19 Going On Plenty

In this episode, we have a call to action- send us ideas for our upcoming ALBUMSODE: an episode where we record an entire album from start to finish. No writing ahead of time, just straight up improv. Be sure to rate and review and tell a friend about the show. Thanks for listening!

18: Dub a Trub

Good times in this one, Folks. Listen in. Mark, Patton and I have a grand ole time. Thanks for listening!

17: Ode to Somango

Mark and I reintroduce Patton as our third amigo. We all hang out laughing until Mark mysteriously disappears into the night. Patton and I jam and gab the rest of the time. In memory of Somango, Patton’s puppy. We run into a few audio and technical glitches in this episode, but I assure you our quality control department is on it.


Special Guest appearance by Patton Penhallegon of Penville Wines. Mark and I start off the show with some tunes and a song request from Johnny from Illinois. I then kick it and catch up with Patton who busts out his harmonica. It was fun jamming with you in California and me in the midwest. Feast your ears! Learn more about Penville Wines at Follow Patton on Instagram @thewineguy.

15: Too Cold To Hold

A laid back night after the long holiday weekend. Mark and I discuss some serious business regarding cryogenics, ethics and sci-fi. I make up songs about loving my woman and loving crystal meth in observance of crystal meth awareness day. Then a few numbers to bob yo head – all instrumental. One more week to rate and review on iTunes for your free t-shirt then all bets are off. Mark is making a move and here all along we thought he was pulling our leg…

Episode 13. Spelunking Echolalia

Holy cow! This week we take a few requests about forgetful women, a shout out to none other than Dan Whiskey (who owes me a few drinks by the way), maintaining a sense of calm while internally freaking out, and wrap it up with a few cover songs by Tribe Called Quest and Bob Marley. I sing the wrong lyrics in the Marley tune. If you can identify the wrong lyrics, Mark will get you a free t-shirt… right, Mark? Thanks for the requests!

Episode 12: 40 Ounces of Kevin Bacon

This week we fly by the seat of our pants. Have a listen. Thanks for your request Kyle from Illinois! Rate and review and get your free t-shirt.

11: A World Series of Events

We recorded while history unfolded for the Cubs and finished in time to catch the end of an epic game. WINSDAY! This week as the rain comes and goes from the roof of my garage we sing listener requests about an office pants-off-pooper and folks who wildly misinterpret the English language on social media. I then play a song I wrote this week about ‘breaking things’ followed by a cover of Helpless by Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young. Thanks for your participation!

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